The New Selfie Pose That Forever Replaced The "Duck Face" ...


The New Selfie Pose That Forever Replaced The "Duck Face" ...
The New Selfie Pose That Forever Replaced The "Duck Face" ...

Are you self-conscious when it comes to posing in pictures? Well, there's a hot new way to look when you take selfies! According to Glamour Magazine, the "fish gape" is the new "duck face." But don't worry, because it actually looks super cute. Check it out:

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Now that's what I call gorgeous!


Hailey Baldwin

Doesn't she look sexier than ever?


Taylor Swift

Do you like this pose when Taylor does it?


Lily Aldridge

Here's another beautiful woman!

I've even been partaking in the trend!

Do you like this new pose, or do you think it's just as ridiculous as the duck face was?

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I don't think it's sexy at all - maybe it looked good on few people but I actually love the duck face still do it all the time without noticing it

Welcome to a retro way of taking a picture. First of all, not a selfie. It's a picture of yourself, let's not get carried away with slang. Just a form of how some women enjoy taking a picture.

That's not new

And thank goodness i don't do selfies either! Ha!

Zendaya looks so old in that picture she's just 18, only 3 years older than me and looks like 27

Close your mouth, it's not sexy.

This isn't knew. It's been in Victoria's Secret ads forever.

I like it better then the stupid duck face, but it would be weird to make myself look like that and not laugh.

Holly, you can rock anything!!!!

It doesn't look bad at all! Yes, it actually DOES look sexy. Idk what's up with the silly name, but I don't think it compares to how utterly stupid the "duck face" looks!! Also, Holly you look so pretty!

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