The Most πŸ’― Luxurious 🌟 Dorms 🏒 in the World 🌎 ...

Are you on the hunt for the most luxurious dorms in the world? Bad dorms can ruin a student’s college experience. Oftentimes these living spaces are dismal, cramped and lacking basic amenities. Fortunately, there have been some amazing student residences built around the world within the last few years. Here is my list of the most luxurious dorms in the world.

1. Collegiate (Lisbon, Portugal)

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Collegiate Marques de Pombal started taking students in January 2018, making it the newest and nicest student residence in Lisbon. It has a 24/7 concierge, a sauna and swimming pool as well as a private fitness center and on-site cinema.

2. Tietgenkollegiat (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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This residence hall aims to encourage a vibrant community thanks to a circular shape and a courtyard around which all common areas are located. There is a kitchen for every 12 rooms and the ground floor has a cafΓ©, auditorium, computer lab, laundry center and meeting rooms.

3. Chapter Living – Spitalfields (London, UK)

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Chapter is 33 stories high and situated minutes from Liverpool Street Station. The rooms are modern and spacious with large windows that allow for an abundance of natural light.

4. Casa Dell’Accademia (Mendrisio, Switzerland)

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Located in the Swiss Alps, this dorm has one of the most scenic views in the world. The bedrooms open to a shared kitchen and living room on either side of a rolling green garden.

5. Cite a Docks (Le Havre, France)

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Cattani Architects designed this unique building that consists of 100 apartments made out of old shipping containers. All units overlook a terrace inside and are equipped on both ends of the spectacular glass walls.

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