The Most πŸ’― Luxurious 🌟 Dorms 🏒 in the World 🌎 ...


Are you on the hunt for the most luxurious dorms in the world? Bad dorms can ruin a student’s college experience. Oftentimes these living spaces are dismal, cramped and lacking basic amenities. Fortunately, there have been some amazing student residences built around the world within the last few years. Here is my list of the most luxurious dorms in the world.

1. Collegiate (Lisbon, Portugal)

Collegiate Marques de Pombal started taking students in January 2018, making it the newest and nicest student residence in Lisbon. It has a 24/7 concierge, a sauna and swimming pool as well as a private fitness center and on-site cinema.

Tietgenkollegiat (Copenhagen, Denmark)
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