The Importance 🙌 of Rest Days 😴 ...

Want to know the importance of rest days? Every day, our body performs its functions. If we do not rest, our body parts will wear out. So, we do need rest. It is not a choice. Today's society is so stuck on making money and working, that society's bodies are being neglected. The United States does not have a daily work siesta. So, our society does need to take rests. What is the importance of rest days? Keep reading to find out.

1. Have Mental Rest

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Taking a time-out prevents burnout. Mental fatigue can be as bad as physical fatigue. Recharge the psyche. Have some "me" time.

2. Accomplish Household Chores

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Do laundry, house cleaning and other household tasks that have do be done. When you have a clean and organized house, it can be an aesthetic sanctuary.

3. Productivity

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You are more productive when you take time off. You will focus more. You will be more creative.

4. Have a Social Life

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If you want to go to a birthday party or a cooking class, do it. Would you rather be dull and boring? Would you rather have all work and no play?

5. Keep Your Menstrual Cycle Regular

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A regular menstrual cycle shows your body's important parts are working normally. There are women who go to the gym and workout so hard that their period stops. So, take some time off so your body can produce those important hormones.

6. Keep the Regeneration Process Flowing

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This is important for the process of building strength, endurance and muscle. This rebuilds your body tissues to make them stronger. Also required is water, food, supplements and sleep.

Allowing oneself to rest from work and all the stresses in life is definitely not an option but a necessity. Not talking about religion, but I would like to quote Joyce Meyer from her book "Look Great Feel Great", that if you saw a run-down church, you'd wonder about the pastor, wouldn't you?

Take care of your body!


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