Who is πŸ€” the First Female πŸ‘© of Humanity 🌎?

Who is the first known human female? The Darwin Theory of Evolution by natural selection is the process by which organisms change over time. The changes allow them to adapt better to their environment and help them to survive and produce more offspring. Some people refer to evolution as β€œsurvival of the fittest.” The main idea of biological evolution is all life on earth shares a common ancestor. Did you know the first lady of humanity was discovered in Ethiopia in 1974? Lucy aka Dinknesh is the world’s oldest skeleton and she is of the hominin species. She is dated to about 3.2 million years ago and here are a few more amazing facts about the first known human female.

1. She Walked Upright

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Her species was transitional with traits of earlier apes and later humans. Scientists know she walked from clues on her bones including the angle of her femur in relation to knee-joint surfaces.

2. She Was Vertically Challenged

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Lucy was a fully grown adult when she passed away, yet she stood just 3.6 feet tall and weighed only 64 pounds.

3. Her Cause of Death is a Mystery

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Her death has remained a mystery since her discovery in the 70s. Scientists doubt she was killed by a predator, but some believe she may have met her demise by falling out of a tree.

4. Her English Name Comes from a Beatles Song

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When paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson and graduate student Tom Gray found Lucy they originally named her β€œAL288-1.” But when they celebrated their finding later that evening and someone played the Beatle’s 1967 song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds over and over they renamed her Lucy.

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