The 157 Coolest 🙌🏼 Tech Gadgets 📱 of 2017 to Have You the Envy of All 💯 Techies 🤓 ...

Takeaway: What are the best tech gadgets this year?

Seems everywhere we look there's a new phone or gadget being released that people can't resist. Well if you're one of those people who loves the latest tech gizmo sweeping the streets, or you just like to have all the latest and coolest, look no further than this list of coolest tech gadgets of 2017 brought to you by and see if there's anything on the list you want to snap up.

1. Apple IPad

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The new Apple iPad is sleek, powerful, and well-priced, it offers access to well over a million high-quality apps, as well as Apple's excellent library of music and video content. There are three colors and two storage variants to pick from, as well as the option to pick a model with LTE connectivity.

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