The 10 Best Things about Autumn ...


The 10 Best Things about Autumn ...
The 10 Best Things about Autumn ...

Sweater weather is just around the corner. I am ready to put the heat of summer behind me. Autumn is so full of many great things. The plants and trees change colors into works of art and then fall off to reveal the beauty of gnarled branches. The fallen branches and leaves return back to the earth to fertilize the soil and get it ready for growth in the spring. Here are the best things about autumn.

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Corn Mazes and Haunted Houses

There is nothing better than paying money to be scared to death. I don’t particularly care for it but my daughter loves all things scary. She drags me along and I come out of them hoarse but laughing my head off. Corn mazes are great for the whole family during the day but become creepy when you get lost inside the maze.



Along with the haunted houses comes the most wonderful holiday. Halloween is full of gutting pumpkins, getting bags full of candy, and scary decorations. You can dress up as whatever or whoever you would like without anybody saying a word. You can be anything from a princess to a pus covered zombie.


Leaves Changing Colors

This time of years is gorgeous. Watching the colorful leaves falling to the ground is hypnotizing. The cool air whipping through the trees and the vibrant colors of the sunset are truly stunning to see.



Spending time with family is great. Lives do get crazy every now and then and it’s great to gather the family together to catch up with everyone. I love getting up early, putting the turkey in the oven, turning on the television to watch the parade, and getting the dining room ready for the magnificent feast that is about to happen.


The Smells of Fall

I love going to the store and buying scented seasonal candles. I love the way the house smells with pumpkin burning in the background.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

Pumpkin Spice

This goes with the one above. Anything with pumpkin spice is tops in my book. Try putting the two favorite flavors of fall together. Pumpkin Spice and Salted Caramel pair up in anything for a brand new fall favorite.


Cooler Temperatures

Summer is ending. No more hot, humid, sweaty days. No more fighting off bugs just to enjoy the outdoors. Bugs are finally heading back to Hell where they came from. Time to sit on the front or back porch and enjoy the cool night air. Pull out your favorite sweater and enjoy the night. Wrap up in your favorite blanket, with your favorite book, and a steaming mug of hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire.


Fall Clothing

Alright ladies, it’s time for boots and sweaters. Grab that pair of favorite boots from the bottom of your closet and drag out your favorite yoga pants, ‘tis the season to eat. The casual style of fall brings you endless possibilities on your fall style. So many boots, not enough time.


New Season of Your Favorite Shows

Finally, no more reruns. It doesn’t matter what your favorite show is, it’s great to see what our television friends are up to now. What a great excuse to curl up on the sofa with your remote to watch your shows.


Football Season

Have to love those Friday night lights. Football is a huge deal where I come from. From the local high school rivals, to watching college and pro football the excitement of football fills the air. There’s all the snacks for games and tailgating and don’t forget the feast of the Super Bowl.

I want everyone to feel as excited as I am right now. Get ready for costume making, pumpkin carving, and baking. This season goes by too fast. Take time to enjoy every moment because it is going to be nine months before we see this season again.

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