The 7 Best Places for Tattoos According to Tattoo Artists ...

By Carly

The 7 Best  Places for Tattoos  According to Tattoo Artists  ...

If you’re looking to get some ink, either for the first time or the thirtieth time, it is always good to read up on advice about for the best places for tattoos. There are plenty of elements that go into picking a tattoo location, ranging from pain level to aesthetic style, to how it is going to look in fifty years’ time. Here are the seven best places for tattoos according to tattoo artists.

Table of contents:

  1. outer collarbone
  2. inner arm
  3. back
  4. upper thigh
  5. hairline
  6. upper ribcage
  7. calves

1 Outer Collarbone

Outer collarbones are great for tattoos because they are an area that is the least exposed to the sun. It’s also an area that is less likely to stretch as you age.

2 Inner Arm

Another place on the body that is less exposed to the sun. The inner arm keeps your tattoo out of the sun so that it isn’t constantly damaged by the UV rays which has the potential to break down the ink.

3 Back

An area that is often covered up by clothing for protection, and also a nice big canvas for an artist to be able to produce something really amazing and detailed.

4 Upper Thigh

Upper thighs get plenty of protection from the sun, and they are usually one of the thicker, fleshier parts of your body which means that you won’t experience too much intense pain when getting it done, even if it’s a big one.

5 Hairline

A tattoo that is placed right below your hairline on your neck will stay looking newer and fresher for longer because it won’t experience too much sun exposure. And if you grow your hair out, it’s a cool place to have a secret tat!

6 Upper Ribcage

Even if you get pregnant, the upper ribcage is an area on your body that won’t stretch too badly when you carrying. This might be something worth thinking about if you want to be a mum at some point.

7 Calves

Calves are an area of your body that don’t tend to be affected too much by the aging process. You won’t experience any sagging in that area, so your tattoo will stay in shape.

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