The Bad πŸ‘Ž Habits That Can Wreck πŸ’£ Your Studies πŸ€“ ...

Every student begins college life with the best of intentions – to do well in every subject, to attend classes and lectures, to study hard for exams. Life, of course, tends to get in the way and, for many of us, our good intentions frequently go out the window as we start giving classes a miss and fly by the seat of our pants in getting assignments in on time. So if you’ve picked up any of these bad habits that can wreck your studies, here’s some advice on how to weed them out before it’s too late.

1. Failing to Attend Classes or Lectures

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It’s too easy to switch off the alarm, turn over and give class a miss. Don’t. You are missing more than just note taking and getting a copy of someone else’s notes won’t cut it because you’ve missed out on the rounded, whole discussion with your tutor and peers. Not only should you be getting to classes every time, you need to do advance reading so you can actually participate, too. Miss too many classes and you might be looking at getting kicked out of college.

2. Taking Too Few or Too Many Notes

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Note-taking can be a difficult skill to master. Some people count on getting down every single word, whether on a laptop or with a pen, while others only go for the sketchiest of detail. Find a note-taking style that suits you and remember that actually listening to what’s being said is the best clue of all to what to note down.

3. Missing Deadlines on Assignments and Papers

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Tutors and teachers can be sympathetic when you ask for more time to submit assignments. But not every single time. And the more you slip back on due papers, the more pressure on you to produce the next ones on time. Schedule your time effectively so you don’t get into the habit of missing deadlines.

4. Not Getting Enough Sleep

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The demands on student time are high. As well as your studies, you will probably have a job, too, and then there’s that essential time for a social life. What tends to be squeezed is your rest time but regular sleep will keep your brain and your body in tiptop condition. Catch some Zs – you won’t regret it.

5. Not Eating Properly

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Just as sleeping properly is fuel for your brain, eating properly will keep you physically healthy and alert. Financial pressures are one reason many students cite for not eating properly or always falling back on the fast food option. Try to have fresh fruit and vegetables regularly, and do have at least one properly cooked meal every day.

Ditch the bad studying habits and you’ll find you are much more prepared to study better and to study more.

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