7 Telling Signs You Might Be a Classic Control Freak 🗣 ...

Sometimes, it's hard to see certain traits in yourself even though they're abundantly clear to outsiders – all the people you interact with, specifically. See, I'm not a control freak, but I know several of them in just as many capacities. Most of them don't know that they exhibit controlling tendencies, so they're open to constructive critique of their behavior if it gets too overwhelming. Others, though, they know about their love of control and they're cool with it. This is for the people who like control and the people who have to work with them and live with them, watching as they micromanage and put their mark everywhere.

1. You Silently Judge People All the Time

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Not all control freaks do this, but a fair number of them pass silent judgment upon others at all times. Of course, you can do this without being controlling. Combined with other signs, though, it's definitely a hallmark trait. Not only do you judge people, but you also always know how you'd do something better, differently, or more efficiently.

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