7. You Don’t Feel Accomplished without a Notification

If you find yourself compulsively checking for Facebook likes and comments, new Snapchats, a new Pinterest re-pin, a share, a Google +1, a tweet, voicemail, text message or phone call and feel dejected without them, you’re likely relying upon your cell phone in an unhealthy way. While staying in touch with your friends should make you happy, not hearing from them every waking minute in the virtual world shouldn’t shatter your confidence.

Cellphones represent some of the most innovative technology of the time, and can be an expensive tool that demands care and responsibility. But how much is too much when it comes to this handheld technological wonder? Well if your free time and even your not-so-free time is spent with your cell, to the detriment of your real-world social life, your communication skills and your personal safety, there’s no doubt about it. You’re addicted to your phone. Now that you know the telltale signs, ‘fess up. Are you addicted to your phone?

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