7 Television Series for Nerds That You Can't Afford to Miss ...

It’s a new day for nerds and now television series for nerds. Once condemned as outcasts, nerds now command respect in social circles and pop culture. Today nerds aren’t only the front-runners for the stock market but are also taking over prime-time television. So what are TV’s top nerd shows, the best television series for nerds? I’m here to report!

1. The Big Bang Theory

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Season 6 on iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
Starting with the Switzerland of television series for nerds, this in one you can’t miss. TV’s perennials had a huge year with matrimonies, space missions, new levels of promise, and, new adventures in nerdery. What began as a venue to mock the broad perception of nerds, The Big Bang Theory has grown into a fun comedy where the writers play against stereotypes and expectations to deliver laughs as they indulge in them.

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