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The Top Technology Trends Predicted for 2015 ...

By Rosalina

Technology seems to be advancing every minute of every day and there are some technology trends for 2015 that are sure to get you super excited. It seems as though something new is invented everyday: something to make our lives easier and to make us even more efficient than we are already. Here are some of the technology trends for 2015.

1 3D Printing

3D printing has been around for a few years but as with every technological advancement, it has become increasingly cheaper and more refined. This is one of the technology trends for 2015 and its advent has been hailed as the second industrial revolution. There are pros and cons to this. Of course, it will save many industries millions of dollars in manual labour but it also means that there will be less need for the humble human!

2 I, Robot

Once, robots were the stuff of Sci-Fi movies and seemed a distant dream away. Now, they are becoming a reality. Some factories and warehouses use robot technology to make their companies super efficient. For example, Amazon uses them in their warehouses to pick things off the shelves and deliver items to workers. Japan has been seen as the world leader in robot technology and if you fancy your own robot around the home, you can purchase Pepper for a mere $2,000. At 120 cm tall, he's super cute and will do your washing and other chores around the home. I want one!

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3 Amazing a.I

Artificial Intelligence is also something which is gathering momentum. It's scary to think that software and hardware that thinks and learns the way in which you or I do is on the horizon. There is much research being done into the ways in which human neurons work and Google's Demis Hassabis is working on how to mimic the human brain. The idea of creating human-like thought is both an exciting and super scary prospect and it always ends badly in the movies. What do you think?

4 Smart Machines

We are also entering the age of the Smart Machine. These are machines that are so advanced that they will practically be able to think and learn for themselves. Scary? I think so. We have all seen those movies where the machines have taken over the world. Maybe the stuff of fiction will become a reality. Some of the so-called smart machines that are being tested as we speak are virtual personal assistants and self-driving trucks.

5 Wonderfully Wireless

This isn't too surprising and in many ways, will make our lives much easier. Of course, going wireless means we need more efficient batteries and we've all had that sinking feeling when our smart phone is gasping for life but we still have at least a third of the day to get through. While better batteries are being devised, wireless charging will save the day in 2015. Look out for wireless stations and wireless charging gadgets in the coming year.

6 Internet of Things (IoT)

Until a few days ago, I didn't know what this was but technology is clearly moving far too quickly for the likes of me! Basically, the Internet of Things is about connecting everything to, well, everything. 2015 is going to see this concept gaining pace. We're used to our computers being connected to each other but the next wave involves you being able to communicate with your home appliances. For example, your fridge freezer will be able to tell your phone what you need to buy for dinner tonight. I won't need my freezer to tell me I'm all out of ice cream.

7 Marvelous Mobile Payment

Who knows, maybe soon our flexible friends and trusty coins will become a thing of the past as mobile payment systems take over. Apple Pay already means you can pay with your smart phone and these smart phone payment systems are looking to become more widespread in the coming year. This would end those nasty credit card fees but could also makes us vulnerable to hacking and elaborate forms of fraud.

Things change so quickly, who knows what has been invented in the time it has taken for me to write this article and who knows what 2016 has in store for us! What technology trends are you excited about?


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