9 Table Manners You Don't Want to Forget ...

Table Manners are something that has seemed to fall in recent years. Ladies, do you know which way to pass the salt and pepper? Do you know how to use your flatware? Don't fret, I've taken all of the table manners out there and compiled them into 9 table manners that you definitely don't want to forget at your next party!

1. Napkin in Lap

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Did you know that the second that you sit down, you should be placing the napkin into your lap? I totally didn't! This is one of the table manners that a lot of people seem to forget about – but next time you are at the table, place your napkin immediately into your lap!

2. When to Start Eating

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A lot of the time, most people don't know when to eat if they are in a crowd. Don't worry ladies, I got your back. In gathers that are less than six people – begin eating after everyone is served. For larger groups, such as a wedding, you can start eating after about four or five people have been served.

3. Which Way to Pass Food

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One thing that I didn't know when it came to table manners was which way to pass the food. Always, always pass left to right. This is totally something that I'll incorporate the next time I am at a dinner party!

4. Holding Stemware

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When you are drinking wine, you always want to make sure that you are holding the stemware at the stem. Never hold your wine glass by the glass portion. While this might be one of the proper table manners, I know I'll have a hard time with this one – but I'll try it for a little while.

5. Chewing

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This is one for the guys – guys, when you are chewing, make sure that you keep your mouth closed and that you chew quietly. This is very important! After all, you want to make a good impression and seeing chewed-food is not good table manners.

6. Using Utensils Properly

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Whenever you are dealing with a ton of utensils, it can be really difficult to figure out which ones go with what dish. Just remember the old trick of work your way from the outside in. Typically, you start with salad and the salad fork is usually the one at the very end. Just remember outside in and you'll be fine!

7. Posture

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Slouching is never a good idea when you are trying to work on your manners at the table. Personally I hate sitting up straight. If you're at a proper table and a proper dinner though – make sure that you are sitting up straight and that your posture is really good. It'll make you look regal and more beautiful ladies!

8. Passing Salt/Pepper

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Did you know that when someone asks for the salt, you are supposed to pass both the salt and the pepper? I totally didn't! At the next dinner party, I'll definitely remember this manner and pass both of them – left to right, just like the food!

9. Know Your Finger Foods

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There are some foods that you can actually pick up with your fingers, you just have to know what they are. Things such as pizza, little quiches, small appetizers and even kabobs can all be picked up and eaten with your fingers. I'm totally serving mini pizzas at my next dinner party as an appetizer!

Table manners aren't always things that you need to follow, but having a basic knowledge of all of the table manners can save you from being embarrassed for not knowing. One time, I had to go to this really awesome dinner party for my work – I ended up not placing the napkin in my lap and I dropped a bunch of stuff into my lap. Needless to say, I made a splash in all the wrong ways. What table manners do you ladies remember from your childhood? What ones do you hate? Tell me!

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