7 Surprising Uses for Lemon ...


Uses for Lemon rinds, peels, shavings or even the juice can be surprising. For me, I love to find unique and different ways to use fruits and veggies around the house – for example, did you know that you can use strawberries on your face as an exfoliate? The uses for lemon are endless really! Below, I've compiled the top 7 uses for lemon that might surprise you!

1. Greasy Mess Cleaner

So I use a ton of olive oil. With using oils like olive oil, you are usually left with a huge greasy mess. One of the main uses for lemon juice can be to cut through that greasy mess quickly! Just use water and lemon juice in a spray bottle and I promise that it'll cut right through that grease better than most of the leading chemical-filled cleaners out there!

Lighten Hair
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