9 Sure Ways to Cope with a Job Burnout ...

Coping with job burnout is no easy feat. Whether you’re dealing with a supervisor straight out of "Horrible Bosses" or never feel recognized for all of your amazing work, you shouldn’t have to dread going into the office every workday. Here are 9 ways to help you melt your job related stress away. Peace of mind starts now!

1. Say Something

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Throughout my old job, I was severely under challenged and felt that my skills weren’t being put to good use, which equaled serious burnout. I still shudder at the thought of managing 2,000 item spreadsheets that were definitely not part of my job description. So, if you can’t stand working on monotonous tasks every day, schedule an appointment with your supervisors and talk to them about your goals and talents.

2. Do Something

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Don’t just sit there and let job burnout victimize you, ladies! When my first job began spiraling downhill, I fixed up my resume, stat. I also started connecting to every human resources professional in my city via LinkedIn – and it worked! My improved resume combined with my newfound LinkedIn skills landed me a shiny new career.

3. Improve Your Lifestyle

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Dealing with job burnout all of the time can lead to everything from migraines to high blood pressure (or worse!). To help combat these stresses, make an effort to get enough rest and eat healthy foods. Reward yourself for shedding winter pounds with a shopping trip. Score!

4. Clean up

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And I don’t mean just your desk at the office. You don’t want to go from one stressful situation to another, so if you haven’t started your spring cleaning yet, now’s the time. A clean home is a happy home!

5. Personalize Your Space

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Coping with job burnout is rough (believe me, I know), but you can make your days at the office a little brighter with photos of you and your buds… or a famous hottie. Instant pick-me-up? I’d say so!

6. Make Some Plans

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It’s so much easier to handle job burnout when you have a full social life. Plan a movie night in with the girls or a night out with your beau –and stick to it. Or, if possible, schedule a mini vacation to get away from it all. Giving yourself things to look forward to will end those nightmares about your next meeting.

7. Volunteer

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Volunteering helped me realize just how lucky I am to have both an education and a job. Plus, you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with doing something good.

8. Freelance Your Way to a New Job

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Beef up your resume and do what you love after office hours with a cool freelance gig. Scour the job boards and something is bound to pop up! Doing something you’d eventually want to call your career will boost your feelings of self-worth and give you major bragging rights.

9. Stay Positive!

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Constantly complaining won’t help you cope with job burnout and if you’re doing it in front of coworkers, they might report any negative words to your boss. Even if you hate your job, there are so many reasons to smile!

Remember, if you’re suffering from job burnout, you are not alone. How do you handle burnout on the job? What was your worst work experience ever?

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