246 Super Impressive 😱 Mini Art Photos 📸 You've Got to See to Believe 👍🏼 ...

Bored Panda is a great site to admire the creativity of people around the world. It's full of amazing pictures of the truly wonderful, the absolutely bizarre and demonstrations of pure imagination. i love to browse, simply to while away the time and to be inspired. Something that caught my eye recently was the collection of miniature diorama created by Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka. Fun and fabulous, he's been creating them every day since 2011. He uses all sorts of materials from slices of bread, earphones, banana skins, and Pringles tins and reinvents these everyday objects into props alongside his little figurines he combines them with. It's - an a word - remarkable.

If this collection isn't enough to satisfy your creative soul, check out Tanaka's @tanaka_tatsuya


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