8 Summer Friendly Home Accessories ...

It never fails that, once spring cleaning is all done, I want to give my house a warm, summer feeling. I don't necessarily want to completely redecorate, I just want to bring in some things that make me think of all those long, warm, drowsy, wonderful summer days, you know what I mean? I want to celebrate the season as much as I can – and incorporating some of these summer friendly home accessories is a great way to start!

1. Sockerart Vase

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Price: $19.99 at ikea.com
More than anything, I love versatile summer friendly home accessories, and this definitely qualifies. It can be a vase or a pitcher, which I love, mainly because I like putting flowers in old fashioned pitchers. I also love the design: it's bright and vibrant, yet the flowers are delicate and pretty. It's summer all over – and all year round, if you keep it on your table.

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