8 Suggestions πŸ—― for How to Spend Your Birthday πŸŽ‚ when You Don't Know πŸ€” What to do πŸ’β€β™€οΈ ...


It’s that day of the year again. Funny, it’s the same day every year. Your birthday. Family and friends will call all day to wish you happiness, health, success and whatever else you want. But what do you want to do this day? Maybe you already have a tradition that you don’t want to break or maybe you are actually planning something new every year. Here are some suggestions for ways to spend your birthday.

1. House Party

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Call some friends and family over, get some drinks and some snacks, maybe a cake, and remember how it used to be when your parents were throwing you a party at home when you were young. Make sure to inform your neighbors a few days earlier. The people that you are going to invite are under your control. Maybe only your family and throw a quiet dinner, maybe only your girlfriends in which case, grab some movies to watch with them later as well, maybe a mixture of male and female friends so there should be music and maybe even some fun board games. It might sound old-fashioned but a house party can be fun.

Party outside
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