7 Stylish Candle Companies for Your Summer Scents ...

By Alison

7 Stylish Candle Companies for Your Summer Scents ...

I don’t know about you, but I love burning candles and am always on the look out for uniquely stylish candle companies. Summer time is when we’re spending most of our time outdoors, so it’s not typical to have a candle burning inside. However, I hope to convince you that there are some beautiful summer scents made by these stylish candle companies, that will help keep your home smelling lovely, even during the warmer months.

1 Diptyque

This has to be one of my favorite candle companies as they originate in Paris and the Parisians certainly know a thing or two about style. Diptyque started out as three artistic friends creating interior fabrics and slowly transformed into a stylish bazaar, selling perfumes, toiletries, and candles. Diptyque’s candles are on the pricier side, but their delicate scents make them appropriate for both sexes. My favorite candle for summer is the Baies (Berries) candle, which combines the scent of roses with blackcurrant leaves.

2 DayNa Decker

These are superb candles that are unique due to their EcoWood Wick, which crackles when it burns. The candles come in white, green, gold or black glass jars and they are even better when combined with DayNa's room diffusers! DayNa mastered the art of perfumery in France and brought her ability to combine scents to all of her fragrance collections. My favorite candle for summer is the Kali Botanika, a fresh floral bouquet of gardenia, Ylang Ylang, coconut, musk and oakmoss.

3 Tocca

Interestingly ‘tocca’ means ‘touch’ in Italian, and it makes sense as this brand started out in 1994 as a clothing line of amazing fabrics in New York City. Today, Tocca sells beauty, laundry products, and candles, which come in two sizes; ‘Candela’ (10.6 oz which burns for 60 hours) or ‘Candelina’ (3 oz which burns for 30 hours). My favorite candle for summer is Cleopatra, the scent of sweet grapefruit and watery cucumber, inspired by the Mediterranean.

4 Jo Malone

A great British brand that produces a luxury range of colognes, skincare items and candles! Jo’s collections smell just like the real thing, and her colognes revolve around genuine fruity, floral, woody, spicy, and citrus scents. Candles are available in travel sizes (which burn for 18 hours), regular (which burn for 45 hours), and extra large sizes (which burn for 230 hours). Her candles are pricy but well worth it, as they burn cleanly and are super fragrant. My favorite candle for summer is Silk Blossom, a beautifully uplifting scent with notes of white pepper, jasmine petals, oakmoss and patchouli.

5 NEST Fragrances

You might remember the Slatkin & Co. candles that sold in Bath & Body Works a few years back? Well, they were created by NEST’s founder, Laura Slatkin, but she sold that company in 2005. Three years later, NEST Fragrances was created as a luxury candle line and today NEST can be found in many department stores nationwide. My favorite candle for summer is Blue Garden, a lush florally fragrant blend of blue hydrangeas, hyacinths and forget-me-nots.

6 Lollia

I was introduced to Lollia when I started shopping at Anthropologie, and have been a big fan of their candles since. The designs and attention to detail are what I like most, as their candles frequently have charms that dangle from them, and you can re-use the jars afterwards. My favorite candle for summer is Calm/No. 21. It’s infused with honey-sweet hyacinth, earthen-rooted vetivir and delicate floral waters. Lollia recommends pairing it with another candle, Honey Nectar & Citrus, creating a unique fragrance for your home.

7 Voluspa

Who doesn’t love Voluspa? This is such a great candle company that manages to add a touch of luxe with each new scent! Voluspa started as a husband and wife duo that created their first candle from their kitchen, back in 1999. Voluspa is now a recognized brand that sells to Hollywood’s elite. The creamy coconut wax they use somehow enhances the fragrances and they burn pretty cleanly for hours. My favorite candle for summer is Bella Sucre, which comes in their Japanese art inspired tins and provides the warming scents of demerara sugar, Tahitian gardenia and coconut milk.

These companies are definitely worth checking out, if you haven’t already. If you currently buy from these companies, which one’s your favorite company and best scent for summer?

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