7 Strange Mysteries That Have Been Recently Solved ...


We’ve loved strange mysteries and tried to find answers to them probably from the beginning of civilization. When we do decipher them, many of them turn out to be less fascinating than we thought, unfortunately, while others are even more mind-blowing than initially thought. Check out these strange mysteries we have recently found answers for, after years of waiting and wondering.

1. The Disappearance of Princess Anastasia

One of the strange mysteries of our times was the disappearance of Princess Anastasia, the youngest of the Romanov children, during the Russian Revolution of 1917. The hope that she may have survived has died in 2007 when fragile new bone remains were discovered. With the help of genetic sequencing, scientists were finally able to put this age-old mystery to rest, concluding that the princess Anastasia was killed along with her family.

The Sun’s Hot Atmosphere
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