10 Fab and Fun 👌🏼 Squad Goals 👭👭 for You and the Girls to Nail 🤘🏼 This Summer ☀️ ...

There's no reason to be bored this summer when you could complete some squad goals with your friends. Sure, they're silly, but they'll make the time pass by quickly. Besides, anything is fun when you're with your favorite group of people, so here are a few ridiculous squad goals to set for you and your friends:

1. Snap a Mid-Air Photograph

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Most squad goals are silly, because friends are meant to have fun and laugh a little. So here's a goal you can complete this summer. The next time you go to the beach, try to take a photograph of your group while you're all in mid-air. It's much harder to pull off than you'd think, so you're going to have to make a few attempts. Don't worry if you never succeed, though, because the faulty pictures will be way more fun to post on Instagram than the accurate ones would be.

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