8. Child´s Dress

Child´s Dress

If you've got a little girl and a big old t-shirt, you can make a cute dress for her. This project may require slightly more advanced sewing skills than a headband, for example, but the beauty of using an old tee is that you can afford to make mistakes! So don't be afraid to have a go at this dress – your daughter will love to wear it this summer.

There are lots of old t-shirts crafts, so I hope you´ve been inspired. Most of us have tons of tees in our wardrobe, but there's no need to throw them out when they're past their best or you don't like them any more. In fact, these projects will probably make you beg everyone you know for their old tees, so that you can make something from them! What crafts using old t-shirts can you add to this list?

Top Photo Credit: weheartit.com

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