7 Smart Things to do before You Go Shopping ...


Before you go shopping, there are a few smart things to do, especially if you expect your shopping spree to break the bank. Most women can’t hold their excitement when they think of shopping and before you know it, they have grabbed their bag and started the engine of the car to hit the mall. If you have money burning in your pockets, this approach might work just fine, but for those who shop on a budget, some tips may help you to stay in control of what you're spending. These are 7 smart things to do before you go shopping.

1. Check Your Wardrobe

You think that you know what you have, but in reality, you tend to forget half of the clothes and accessories in your wardrobe. So before you go shopping, open up that walk-in closet of yours and see what you've got. Check out the basics (jeans and t-shirts) and your business wardrobe, as well as those pieces for your nights out in town. Do some of them need to be replaced or are they still good for another season? Anything with faded colors and holes can be donated to charity.

Mix 'n Match
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