8 Smart Books on the Economic Crisis to Flip through ...

By Alison

8 Smart Books on the Economic Crisis to Flip through ...

The economic crisis seems to have been going on forever, doesn´t it? But have you ever wondered how it all started, and why we are in this mess? We´re likely to be in this economic crisis for a while yet, so it´s good to know what´s going on. If you want to learn more, here are eight books on the economic crisis to help you understand what it´s all about …

1 End This Depression Now!

Price: $14.71 at amazon.com

Paul Krugman has won the Nobel Prize for economics, so you´d hope he knows what he´s talking about! It´s a good thing to educate ourselves by reading books on the economic crisis, so why not start with this one. The book doesn´t just explain why it happened, but also suggests ways out – an essential aspect, as it´s no good us just complaining!

2 Unintended Consequences

Price: $18.08 at amazon.com

This book takes a different approach from others on the subject, and places the root of the problem as further back than the sub-prime mortgages. The more that we read on the current economic difficulties, the more aware we will be, so reading different books will help us to understand more.

3 Aftershock: the Next Economy and America´s Future

Price: $10.17 at amazon.com

Here we have yet another explanation for the economic crisis. The author of ´Aftershock´ blames the inequality of wealth in America for causing the crisis. Is he right? Well, read the book for yourself – we all have to make up our own minds, and reading as much as possible is the way to do so.

4 Good Italy, Bad Italy

Price: $23.27 at amazon.com

It´s important to remember that the US is not the only country suffering because of the economic crisis. With all the talk of countries leaving the Euro, something which would surely have a global impact, this book concentrates on Italy and how it came to its present state.

5 Paper Promises

Price: $16.46 at amazon.com

We´ve all heard how the crisis began because of mortgage debt that couldn´t be repaid. This book looks at attitudes towards debt, compares the current situation to past economic crises, and suggests what may happen in the future.

6 The Clash of Generations

Price: $13.28 at amazon.com

Much of the discussion on the economic crisis talks about how future generations will be paying the cost of the mistakes of their elders. ´The Clash Of Generations´ discusses this issue, and how the next generations can be saved from this fate.

7 The Global Economic Crisis

Price: $17.13 at amazon.com

If you like the more dramatic conspiracy theory approach, this may be the book for you. It´s a collection of essays that blame the crisis on deliberate manipulation and deceit. Is this true? You´ll have to read the book and make up your own mind.

8 La Crisis Ninja

From $15.99 at amazon.com

It´s a shame that this book is not available in an English translation, but if you understand Spanish it´s worth reading. ´La Crisis Ninja´ sets out in a simple and rather idiosyncratic style how the economic crisis began. I´ve read it, and even though I know little about economics the book helped me to understand the situation.

Like it or not, we´re all affected by the economic crisis and will be for potentially a long time. So it´s smart to educate ourselves on the subject. You won´t agree with everything in these books or any others, but the more you read the more information you have to judge for yourself. Have you read any books on the economic crisis that helped you understand what is going on, or do you feel that you just have no idea?

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