7 Situations That Annoy Journalists ...


When I was working as a full-time reporter for a newspaper, I noted several situations that annoy journalists that my colleagues and I encountered on a daily basis. Journalism is a tough universe to be in and those who are making a living within its galaxies and solar systems have learned to fend for themselves. It's exactly what Charles Darwin noted: "survival of the fittest." Read these seven situations that annoy journalists and realize that journalists can be as frustrated like that taxi driver caught in terrible traffic.

1. No Pen as the Interview Starts

This is a major blunder that a journalist experiences at least once in her career, making it one of the worst situations that annoy journalists (because it's our own fault!). I was 17 when I started working as a paid journalist. I was about to interview this well-known furniture designer and when he arrived, I just didn't know what to do. I tried to fish for a pen inside my bag but I couldn't find any. The one-hour interview ended with my eyeliner working as a pen.

Recorder Stops in the Middle of a Very Important Statement
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