7 Simple Yet Effective Ways Avoid Mosquito Bites ...


7 Simple Yet Effective Ways Avoid Mosquito Bites ...
7 Simple Yet Effective Ways Avoid Mosquito Bites ...

While summer’s still here, you’ll want ways to avoid mosquito bites. No one wants to be itchy and adorned with unattractive red bumps. It’s frustrating and can lead to scarring if you scratch enough. In order to stop the torture, use these ways to avoid mosquito bites.

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Repel 'Em

The most obvious of all of the ways to avoid mosquito bites is to use repellent. You can buy it at any store and easily spray it onto exposed flesh. It may not smell the greatest, but it should keep the bugs at bay. Also avoid wearing fruity fragrances, because mosquitoes will be more attracted to you. If you want to stay bite-free, then it’s best not to smell the best.


Stay Away

If you’re outside, there’s a greater chance of getting bitten. If it’s nighttime and you see a bunch of bugs swarming around, you might want to stay indoors. I’m not saying to stay inside and never enter the outside world. Just be careful when you venture into open space. There are places that contain more mosquitoes than others, and it’s best to avoid those spots.


Disappearing Act

Of course, the indoors aren’t always safe. If the bugs enter your home, make sure you have a flyswatter around. If you don’t own one, at least have something that can double as a weapon. A tissue box or shoe will do just fine. Use those quick reflexes to get rid of it, or if you’re more humane, trap it inside of a cup and then set it free. It won’t hurt the bug, but will keep it far away from you.


Dress Light

Be careful what you wear. Don’t put on clothing that’s too heavy, especially if you’ll be in the sun. Mosquitoes are attracted to sweat, so you’re a bigger target if you get too hot. They also like dark clothing, so dress in bright colors. You don’t want them to fly straight toward you.


Cover up

Long, loose fitting clothes will shield you from bites. Only wear long sleeves that are light, unless the night is cold. You don’t want to wear long sleeves to protect you and then get swarmed anyway because you’re so hot that you start to sweat. Be cautious when choosing your wardrobe. Your outfit can make a big difference when it comes to whether or not a mosquito will be after you.


Use Nets

If mosquitoes are a huge problem where you live, you might want to invest in nets. You can put them around your bed or around a tent in your backyard. This way you’ll be protected from the bugs and still able to go outside. You want to avoid getting bitten, because you never know when a mosquito will be carrying a disease. Better safe than sorry.


Watch Your Step

You’ll want to stay away from water and grass, because that’s where mosquitoes tend to appear. Why enter their territory if you don’t have to? Stay on concrete if you can. There will be less of them and less of a chance that you’ll get bitten. So watch your step.

Next time you’re around the pesky bugs, try out these tips. No one wants to spend a week scratching. Do you currently have any mosquito bites?

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This helps I am like a magnet to mosquitoes.😰😥😥😥😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

Trying to minimize your movement works too. They are attracted to both the movement and the carbon monoxide, so the more you swat them away, the more they will keep coming back. Try to slowly move from the area they are swarming you until they move on, and then slowly return to whatever you were doing. Adding loose layers like a bright coloured rain suit can work too as the bugs typically cannot bite you through them.

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