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Meeting people is one thing, but using different ways to get people to like you is another. The best way to get through life is to become a genuinely likable person. The more social you are, the more connections and support you have! However, it is easier said than done, and not every person you are going to meet will automatically rise to the top of your friend list. Things just don’t work that way and maybe it’s best that way because that is what separates acquaintances from close friends. If you are eager to make a good impression though, here are some effective ways to get people to like you.

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Show Interest in Them

One of the most obvious ways to get people to like you is by genuinely showing interest in them. Naturally individuals have a soft spot for people who are interested in them, it’s just human nature. However, your interest must to be sincere, otherwise you are just faking what is not there.



A single smile can change everything, especially during a first impression. A smile says, “Hi, I like you and I am enjoying my time with you,” while a sour face only radiates anger and negativity. So put those pearly whites to use and you will notice a change in the attitudes of those around you.


Make People Feel Important

If you want to develop strong relationships with others, you have to show those around you that they mean something to you. Prove to them that their opinion matters, their interests captivate you and that you care about what they have to say. Revolve the conversation around them and you will automatically get them to like you.


Be a Good Listener

You will instantaneously get people to like you when you master your listening skills. People want to be heard and they want to feel important, so the only way to satisfy them is to listen to what they have to say, but in a sincere manner. Give them feedback and encourage them to talk about themselves.


Talk about Something That Interests Them

A way to get someone interested in you is to talk about the other person’s interests. You want them to be passionate about what they are sharing with you and you want to catch their attention. Talking about something that they tend to enjoy is killing two birds with one stone.


Show a Positive Attitude

Truthfully, nobody wants to be around someone who is pessimistic and dark on a regular basis. Nobody wants to hear constant gossip about others and bring in negative energy. Therefore, if you want to attract people, have an upbeat attitude and gossip only in a positive manner.


Remember Names

Remembering names and actually using them in a conversation is more important than you might think. Individuals have a special connection to their name, so it is music to their ears to hear you say it. Therefore, make it your goal to remember everyone’s names, especially when you first meet them.

I’ve always admired social butterflies, because they know how to deal with people and interact with them effectively. It’s not an easy task but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t change. With these tips in mind, you are bound to attract people to yourself. What quality pulls your interest toward a person?

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i like the post. i was just wandering; is it true that people wouldn't like you as much if you haven't got facebook and twitter compared to someone that does have facebook and twitter.

nice tips very basic yet important

Yes the name is music to ppl's ears

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