3 Simple 🤗 Things to do when You Need a Change 🤔🌀 in Life ...

When repetition has it's hold of me, my entire being starts protesting - fortunately, there are very simple things to do when you need a change.

I do not know if you had the same experience, but when I am in need of something new, my taste for food is dimmed, usual things do not bring joy and I am just desperate for something new, in food, lifestyle, experiences. For the days when I feel that I need a change, I have accumulated a few simple formulas which give me the change my mind needs to break through the routine life.

Try these simple things for when you need change in life and see for yourself!

1. I Add Something New to My Diet

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For me I sometimes go straight to the source and try something new or add a new ingredient to my cook bok.

Sometimes, all it takes is a new taste, a new dish, a new gourmand experience to shake things up.

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