7 Signs You Are over All the Insecurities You Had in High School ...


The high school years can be quite difficult due to all those things associated with puberty like the awkward growth spurts or the rampant acne. But if you think about the actual school parts of high school, you’ll realize that those years weren’t so bad after all. Even though at that time, the people who said things like “none of this will matter in a few years” were really annoying, you now realize that they were actually right. The older we get, the more comfortable with ourselves we become and all those insecurities that upset us on a daily basis are now gone. Here are 7 signs you are over all the insecurities you had in high school:

1. You Are Open about What You like

One of the most obvious signs that you have finally gotten over high school insecurity is the fact that you are now unapologetically open about the things that you really like, for example, things that you were disproportionally embarrassed by when you were in high school. This way, you get to know more easily people who share a common interest with you and you make new friends.

You Don’t Feel the Need to Constantly Compare Yourself to Other People
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