Signs ☮️💟 You Absolutely 💯 Love ❤️ Fall 🍂 ...

It's almost October and there are some signs fall is your favorite season. Of course we all miss summer days when we are in the swimming pool with loads of other people. We miss every sip of the summer smoothies that make you feel extra-energized and when all you wear are cute colorful dresses. Come on, it still sounds great, but probably only for those who hate the cool breeze that fall brings. But there are many others who are fond of this weather and kind of admire it. So here are the signs fall is your favorite season.

1. You like the Dress Code of Fall

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The best part of fall is wearing comfy sweaters with jeans. All in all, if you are a person who prefers comfort rather than anything else, fall is the best season. If cozy sweaters, cute joggers and adorable scarves are your go-to clothing choices, it's definitely one of the signs fall is your favorite season.

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