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A true friend is a friendship you should hold onto forever, as this is when you know you've found someone special who deserves to have a valuable place in your life. You should meet each other half way and put in equal amounts of effort to ensure it stays healthy and alive. A true friendship can be quite rare so it should be seen as meaningful and significant!

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They Want You to Be Happy

A true friend will want you to find your own happiness and hold onto it! And because it's coming from a genuine place, you know they won't try to take that happiness from you to have it all for themselves. At the end of the day, it makes them the happiest when they see you're happy!


They Protect You

A true friend will protect you from situations where you may end up getting hurt, physically and emotionally (if they can). They have your best interests at heart and would do anything not to see you end up in such a state, so naturally they will want to protect you and keep you safe.


They Listen to You

A true friend will listen to you and always be a shoulder to cry on when you need one! They will happily stay up all night if it means you get everything off your chest that was bothering and worrying you. They will give you their whole, undivided attention so that you know you're being heard.


They Support Your Decisions

A true friend will always have your back and support your decisions, even if they don't agree with it personally. This is because they understand that only you will know what's best for you and it's up to you alone to make the final call and decision. You will know they support you all the way and be there for you, even if it turns out that it doesn't work out.


They Offer Advice

A true friend will offer advice, especially in those sticky situations when you decide to turn to them for help. Although they know it's ultimately your decision what you do, they will always be there to give you helpful advice for what could be a good next step.


They Tell You the Truth

A true friend will always tell you the truth, no matter how ugly it is and how much it hurts in the moment. This is because they understand that it's always best to be honest than telling a white lie to spare your feelings. In this situation, they would be honest and tell you the truth, but then back it up with reasons to ensure you're not hurt by their honestly and frankness.


They Make Time for You

A true friend will always make time for you, even if it means changing a few things on their schedule to make it happen. They will know the importance of making time for each other and that it's a great way to keep your friendship alive, healthy and thriving.

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I agree with this post 100% all the way through

I agree as well good friends are hard to find so hold on tight if you can

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