Shocking! the Most Used Word on Social Media This Year Was ...


The Global Language Monitor in Austin, Texas, released its annual list of the most used words on the Internet and this year, the most popular word wasn't even a word. It was the heart emoji! Crazy, right?!

The emoji is used billions of times per day on the Internet and across social media. It even beat out actual words like "photobomb," "hashtag," and "Ebola," which were pretty high on the list. Last year's most used "word" was actually the number "404," which connotes an Internet error!

Paul Payack, the president of Global Language Monitor, said: "The English Language is now undergoing a remarkable transformation unlike any in its 1400 year history – its system of writing, the alphabet, is gaining characters at amazing rate. These characters are ideographs or pictographs that are called emoji and emoticons."

In case you were wondering, this isn't where it ends for emoji. There are currently 722 officially recognized emoji but come 2015, 250 more will be made available! Were you surprised by 2014's most used "word"?

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