7 Shabby Chic πŸ™ƒ Towel Storage πŸšͺ Options for Women Who like to Organize ...

Sticking your towels in a linen closet may be an efficient way of storing them but it’s rather boring. Bringing your towels out into the open is a way to store them in a unique manner and use them as a decorating tool. This can change the whole look of your bathroom. Your dΓ©cor will be unique when you use any one of these 7 ideas for towel storage.

1. Repurpose a Wine Rack

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If you have an old wine rack sitting around collecting dust, drag it out of storage. This way of storing your towels screams shabby chic. Store them rolled up in the wine rack and in reach of the tub. You’ll love the ease of being able to reach for your favorite towel when you step out of the shower. You can change the look of this even more by the colors of towels you use. Go for only two or three colors to keep it coordinated.

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