Sexiest Calendars for 2017 ...

By Neecey

Sexiest  Calendars for 2017  ...

If you haven’t yet bought your calendar for 2017, don’t castigate yourself for being disorganized. Instead, congratulate yourself on having the foresight to happen across this list that gives you some of the hottest, sexiest calendars around. Treat your wall and yourself to some eye candy. The gift that keeps on giving.

1 Abs up for Grabs

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If shirtless men are the thing that will motivate you to get a wriggle on and plan your day, week, month, whatever, these guys will get you hot under the collar.

2 Red Hot

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Hmmm,I wonder if Prince Harry is in here? Somehow I think not but you can be sure it is packed with red hot men with red hair. Well you do know how good ginger is for you don't you?

3 Melt Your Heart

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Such an overload of cuteness. But seriously, who doesn't get the feels from pics of hot, hunky men cuddling cute fluffy animals?

4 Move over

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'Cos this one has my name all over it. Good looks teamed with good books. What more can the girl who is attracted to intellect want?

5 Tie One on

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A bow that is. Purely here to entertain you, buff bodies adorned with bow ties. Tasty and tasteful enough to hang on any wall.

6 A True Exhibition

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Why wouldn't you want to ogle the male form when it is toned and sculpted to perfection? Thanks to the awesome photography from Michael stokes, you can ogle away every day.

7 Thunder from down under

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Oh I do like me a nice Aussie hunk. I've always been partial to the men down under. They're kind of rough around the edges but you can forgive them when they look this good.

8 Men in Uniforms

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Men in uniform make you weak at the knees? I've got you covered. These guys aren't full covered though, so enjoy. You're welcome!

9 Kilty Pleasures

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If you're a girl with a guilty secret, you won't hide it for long if you pin this to your wall. Mind you, when the guys look this good, why keep it a secret that you like men in skirts?

10 UK's Hottest Guys

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Let's feast our eyes on the hunkiest hottest guys in the UK. Bit of a warning - images may not be safe for work but why share. It's perfect for your dorm room or bedroom.

11 Men of Hawaii

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Ok, I'm in trouble now 'cos I want this one too. Perfect for the girl looking to get lei'd this year :)

12 Fire Rescue Dogs Calendar

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Two hits in one go. Fierce firemen and cute puppies. Oh dear, how will we cope? Actually, there's a third aww factor. Proceeds got to charity!

13 Cowboys Hot off the Range

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Ready to saddle up? These chaps will sure have you shouting yeehaw.

14 The Inked Boys

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You didn't think I was going to leave you ink lovers out now did you? Plenty here for you to drool over.

15 Le Calendrier Agriculteurs

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Oh la la! French farmers in their fields are enough to make you frisky.

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