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Sex Money and Prostitution's Grey Area ...

By Christopher

It has been called the oldest profession on Earth. You guessed it, prostitution. defines prostitution as, “The act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for money.”

I’m sure you didn’t need to clarify what prostitution is. In addition to the definition, it’s by far one of the most degrading things that could happen to a woman or even a man for that matter.

That is obvious, but is there some grey area when it comes to prostitution? Every once in a while, I come across a news article, talking about how an increasing number of young ladies are hooking up with “sugar daddies,” in exchange for getting their student loans or tuition paid off. They call them, “student sugar babies.” It is very sad and unfortunate. It is also very real and happening today.

The traditional stereotype of prostitution was always some lady, strung out on drugs trying to support her habit. Or, a mother with two kids and no job or hope, trying to make ends meet. Anyone, could stop and think for a moment and ask, “What would I do if I were in that situation?” and see why people fall into this terrible trap. However, this “student sugar baby” thing, is something else.

Then there is the question of gold diggers. Are they prostitutes or opportunists? Traditionally, they go after people with money. And, if they get them, they provide good looks, youth, and of course, their bodies for sex. It’s like a licensing agreement. The guy gets the hot chick, the girl gets the money. As you know, many times it’s some guy who a woman would never even have a conversation with much less kiss on the lips. Enter a big bank account. Enter status. Enter power. And yes, enter the bedroom.

Everybody knows or have seen women, who will only date men with money. They don’t love the guy, they love the gifts. But what about gold-digging men? They are no different. Some have “sugar mamas.” They are kept like some little toy, with no ambition or self-respect. But again, there is an exchange. The “man” gets to live the rich life with no effort, and the woman gets all her needs met. She gets a warm body and someone she likely would never be able to attract. It is like an unspoken agreement. Basically, an abstract form of prostitution.

Nobody should be degraded like that, on either side. The tricky part is, each side has something the other wants. I guess that’s why it’s the oldest profession on Earth. You give me, I give you, whether it’s goods, services, money, or even sex. Each has intrinsic value. Mix that with desires of the heart and you got a deal. In business, they call it supply and demand.

Whatever you pursue in life, I hope you will consider doing things the “hard way,” meaning, just put in the work, and let God take care of the rest. Never let anyone take advantage of you in any way, especially by your own hand. If you want something so bad, that you will do anything for it, it will likely turn you into something you can’t bear to look at in the mirror.

There is nothing more powerful than a woman with standards. And, remember that little thing called love? You have to think, I would rather be poor and living in the sewer, with the one I love than living in a billion-dollar mansion as a gold-digging you know what, or kept man. Ok, maybe not the sewer, but you get the idea!

Seriously though, it’s about love, decency, and self-respect. Protect yourself and all three.


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