The Best Kept Secrets πŸ™Š for Girls Who Want to Improve βœ… Their Conversational Skills πŸ’¬ ...

You don’t have to be an introvert to struggle with the art of conversation. If you have poor conversation skills, you can miss out on a lot. Not being able to hold conversations confidently can mean you miss out on making new friends, lose, or at least not get a shot at, exciting opportunities and it can also leave you in the dark, rather than learning things you should know. Here’s how introverts and extroverts can learn to talk more comfortably and hold great conversations:

1. Internally Raise Your Self-Esteem to Improve Confidence

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When thinking about how to master conversational skills, the key aspect is to try to raise your own self-esteem in order to grow in confidence and be more comfortable talking to strangers. You can do this by talking more with people you already know, as well as perhaps talking online in message boards and forums before trying out your learnings on real people.

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