Same-Day Flower Deliveries in the UK for Forgetful Girls ...

-Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday 31st March, 2019), and I can guarantee you that a portion of people reading this right now will have completely forgotten that fact! Don’t worry though, all is not yet lost, because thankfully the country’s business minds have tapped into just how forgetful we can be sometimes, and offer lots of same-day purchasing options to save our skins! Here are some great same-day flower delivery services in the UK, perfect for forgetful girls!

1. Waitrose Florist

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If you know anything about Waitrose, then you known their aim is to please! They are one of the few supermarket options that offer same day delivery, and there are twelve different arrangements to pick from so you can still put a bit of thought into a last-minute gift!

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