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8 Revealing Signs You're Stuck in the Friend Zone ...

By Lisa

Are you looking for signs you’re stuck in the friend zone? Do you have feelings for someone but have the sinking feeling that the feelings might not be mutual? Usually guys complain about being friend zoned but ladies aren’t immune to this phenomenon either! When we’re interested in someone it’s easy to misinterpret certain actions as something more than just friendship. Check out these eight revealing signs you’re stuck in the friend zone to navigate your way through love and just friends!

1 The More the Merrier

If you’re looking one of the most telling signs you’re stuck in the friend zone, this is it. Do you invite your special someone for an outing for just the two of you but he always brings other friends? Sure, it can randomly happen a few times but if your friend always finds a way to bring others to hang out, it might be his way of gently letting you know he just wants to be friends.

2 All in the Family

Another way to tell if you might be stuck in the friend zone is if you’re frequently referred to as a sister. Think about it, if you had feelings for one of your friends, would you always refer to them as a sibling? Probably not! If you want a relationship with someone, you’ll likely drop hints about your feelings but not about being brother and sister!

3 Girl Talk

Does your friend always talk about girls he’s dating in detail? Does he talk about these things like he would with a guy friend? If your friend talks about girls he’s interested in or girls that he’s dated and he’s not trying to make you jealous or gauge your reaction, it’s a good sign that he’s not into you. Have you ever divulged all this info to a guy you were interested in?

4 No Attraction

Another sign you could be friend zoned is if there’s no flirting or signs of physical attraction. Do you and your friend frequently kid around but there’s no flirting? No innocent touching of the arm or hand? Maybe you flirt with your friend but he responds with harmless jokes like he would with any other friend. If there’s an attraction between you two, there will be signs.

5 He’s Too Comfortable

If you’re interested in someone, regardless of whether it’s a friend or not, you’ll want them to see you look good, right? If your friend doesn’t make much effort to clean up or smell good, he might only see you as a friend. I’m not saying he’s going to show up at your house in a tuxedo and top hat but he’s going to make some effort to look good. Yes, you want to like him for him but if you’re attracted to someone, you can’t help but put some effort into your appearance.

6 Change of Topic

Have you ever discussed the possibility of the two of you going out and he changes the subject? If you’ve ever brought up the topics of dating and he responds in a not so favorable way or just ignores the issue, you might be in a friend zone situation. If you’re interested in someone and the opportunity to let them know presents itself, you’re probably going to take it.

7 At Your Convenience

Do you hang out with your friend regularly or is it only at their convenience? Another telltale sign that you could stuck in the friend zone is if he only comes around when it’s convenient for him. Honestly, if he’s only coming around when he feels like it, he might not be that great of a friend, either. If he’s interested, he’s definitely going to make time to see you!

8 Perfect for Someone else

Does your friend ever make comments about how you’d make the perfect girlfriend-for someone else? Does he frequently mention that he wishes he could find a girl like you or how you’re going to make an awesome wife for some lucky guy one day? If your friend says any of those things, there’s a good chance that’s he thinks of you only as a friend.

If you’ve experienced any of these signs you’re stuck in the friend zone, it doesn’t automatically mean that there isn’t a possibility that the two of you could be more than friends. But, if you answered yes to more than a few of these, you could be friend zoned. Be that as it may, don’t sweat it. If something is meant to be, it will be. Have you ever been stuck in the friend zone or dated a friend before?

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