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RetailMeNot Roundup Gray Thursday Black Friday Action ...

By Lyndsie

Stalkers, it's time. THE SALES ARE COMING! In the midst of expressing love and gratitude during Thanksgiving, you're probably still thinking about shopping – not for yourself, but for all those loved ones sharing your table, right? In our quest to save you cash wherever possible, All Women Stalk is happy to work with your favorite source for coupon codes and discounts, RetailMeNot. They've put together the hottest deals for Gray Thursday AND Black Friday. Take a look!

1 Electronics Nirvana

Electronics are a big draw on Gray Thursday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. That means that if you disagree with having stores open on Thanksgiving and the day after, no problem – you have all weekend and Monday to get great deals. But where are they? According to RetailMeNot, your best bets for electronics are Amazon and Walmart, with great deals on accessories at Speck. Best Buy, RadioShack, GameStop, and Target are sure bets as well. Don't forget to check out coupon codes – no reason you shouldn't snag some extra savings!

2 Crazy for Clothes

Current trends suggest that electronics are actually taking a backseat to things like clothes, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics. I am extremely excited that stores like ASOS are going to have great deals for the year's biggest shopping weekend. You can also check out Bon-Ton, Bloomingdale's, JCP, Macy's, Kohl's, Old Navy, and even Victoria's Secret.

3 Footwear Fantasy

Can't forget about the shoes! Champs and Footlocker have some awesome deals, so you can stock up on all kinds of shoes. Coach is also offering as much as 40 percent off their shoes, all the way through the end of December. If you're ready for a new pair of running shoes, by the way, it's a good time to snag a pair. You'll likely find footwear at your favorite clothing retailers too, so if you're looking for a special pair of shoes, don't forget to add that to your Black Friday checklist.

4 Jewelry and Bags and Accessories, Oh My!

So there's Coach, obviously, which is super exciting, but if you're trying to snag some jewelry for someone special this holiday season, get thee to Zales – because you can also shop online, of course. For the alternative, hardcore friends and loved ones in your life, check out Tilly's.

5 Toyland

Understandably, toy stores know to take advantage of this coming weekend. If you want to get the little 'uns in your life all taken care of, make sure you've got a game plan that includes Toys 'R Us, naturally, along with the Disney Store and Build-a-Bear.

6 Home Décor Heaven

This is the kind of stuff I love to look for. I adore shopping for linens, curtains, and other home décor items for my loved ones and myself. Now, again, places like JCP, Macy's, and even Target have great items, but this sale season, expand your horizons! You can get really specific and take advantage of the sales at Anna's Linens, or you can look for eclectic items at stores like Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabric.

7 The Kitchen Sink

So where else can you find awesome sales that may not fit neatly into the aforementioned categories? Well, you can find a little bit of everything at Costco – as long as you're brave, because you know Costco's going to be crazy. Stock up on all kinds of odds and ends at Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot. And if, like me, you have furbabies who love getting presents, you can even do Black Friday PetSmart style. Oh yeah.

So what deals are you looking to scoop up? Share this with your shopping buddy so you can formulate an epic game plan! And stay tuned for the next RetailMeNot Roundup!

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