7 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer All Year ...


You never think you need reasons why you should volunteer until you realize that you have not volunteered in a while. Maybe you have been too busy with work. Or perhaps, you have been up late studying for finals. If you need more reasons why you should volunteer, here are just a few.

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There is Always Need

One of the reasons why you should volunteer is that there is always need. There is always someone going hungry, someone in need of clothes, and some organization that needs your help. Maybe you just do not necessarily see this need all the time, but it is there.


Natural Disasters

Natural disasters happen year round. That being said, there are many families that get displaced when they do occur. If you are in an area that is prone to tornados, hurricanes, floods, etc. you might want to look into when exactly these natural events tend to occur. Then take steps necessary to help the local shelter and food bank stock up on necessities beforehand.


Mentees Need Consistency

One of my favorite ways to volunteer is to mentor younger kids. I often encourage others to follow suit, but when I do, I always caution them because mentees (the people being mentored to) need consistency. You have to consistently be there for them. You cannot just pick and choose when to go there. Yes, your mentoring is appreciated, but it will be disheartening for them to never know when you will actually show up.


Organizations That Rely on Volunteers

Have you ever heard of the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, or The National Park Service? These are just a few of the many charities that rely on volunteers for the majority of its workforce. It is imperative for these non-profit organizations to retain a good amount of volunteers all year round. Remember, there are people, animals, and environmental projects in need of their services whatever time of year..


It is Insincere to Be “Seasonal”

When people only volunteer during the holidays, it puts them at a great disadvantage for the rest of the year. Make a commitment to yourself to help out your favorite charity every month. Even if you can only donate one day or a weekend, it still counts as effort towards a good cause. Your service will be greatly appreciated. You could even work on adding more days and free time towards volunteering.


Keeps You Humble

When was the last time that you walked out of a food bank bragging about how much food you have stored up in your pantry at home? Have you ever gone into a Goodwill Donation center in a fur coat and loaded with gold jewelry? No? I did not think so. Volunteering has a certain way of making you accountable for the way you act. It humbles you in way. I think we all need that.


Reminds Others to Be Giving

Monkey see, Monkey do? Monkey see, monkey do. When we see others donating money in the grocery line to those $1, $3, or $5 funds, we get inspired too. Why not start that chain effect? Inspire you family and friends to give back too.

This year, I hope your life takes on new purpose. I hope you decide to give more than you think you can. Don’t you think that your time is just valuable to others as it is to yourself?

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