7 Reasons Why Men Make Great Friends ...


The reasons why men make great friends can truly surprise you. Sure, there are the old stereotypes to contend with: They only want to be friends for one reason, they don’t truly know what a woman needs in a friendship, and on and on. While some of this may be true for some men, there are some gems out there who cherish their friendships with women as much as women do with each other. The following reasons why men make great friends may surprise you, and make you think twice about some of the guys you know!

1. For a Different Perspective

The battle of the sexes may have ended eons ago, but there does still seem to be a difference in how men and women see the world. To gain a new perspective on your life, try to look through someone else’s eyes. One reason why men make great friends, is your guy friend will give you a stripped down version of most issues, and some new words to go with it.

Their Rough Edges Can Shine the Light on Some Issues
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