7 Reasons Why I Wish I Was British ...

Even though it’s such a small country, recently I have been thinking about why I wish I was British. It’s the land of James Bond, the Beatles. Harry Potter, and so many other awesome things. The list goes on and on about things that Britain has to offer. Here is my list of my top reasons why I wish I was British. Now I am off to teatime!

1. The Style

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Fashion may be universal but one of the reasons why I wish I was British is because of their distinct fashion sense. They are known for their “thrown together” sense of style, which I am personally a huge fan of. They don’t care if their tights have a run or if their hair is disheveled, they rock it anyway. And with style icons like Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, it is no surprise this sense of style is so popular there.

2. The Royalty

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Sure, I am all for American government, but something about having a royal family appeals to me. Whether it’s the public figure or a philanthropist, a royal family does so much good for the country. Even though we have tons of public figures and basically an already royal American family, having a legitimate royal family would really spice up American life.

3. The Boys

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This one may come to mind easily, but British boys are so much more attractive than American boys. You may think it is their accents or sense of style, but I personally think it is because of their supposed timidness. British boys are notorious for not being very forward in their flirting, and I think that is awesome. All too many times I have been approached by an American boy, who is much too forward for my taste. The fact that British boys are more timid and reserved when approaching girls is very attractive in my eyes.

4. Teatime

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As a huge fan of tea, I have always wanted teatime to be a part of American culture. It seems as if everyone stops their day to have teatime with their friend or family. It is a social event for everyone to take some time out of their busy to enjoy the company of others. If only America would switch its love for coffee with a love for tea and teatime together, I would have one less reason why I wish I was British.

5. The TV Shows

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As a huge Dr. Who and Sherlock fan, one of the huge reasons I wish I was British is for the amazing TV shows they have. Sure I can always watch BBC America, but it just isn’t the same. I wish I had tons of British friends who watched the same British shows as me so we could be obsessed together. Not to mention that so many American shows have been based off of British shows and for some reason I always enjoy the British version over the US adaption.

6. The History

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Great Britain has such a rich history, it's impossible to not be captivated by it. Covering all areas from Shakespeare to the Beatles, Britain has so many interesting points as part of its history and culture. With such an incredible history that spans thousands of years, there is always tons of fun facts for you to immerse yourself in.

7. The Accent

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This one should probably be a given, but those accents are so cute! American boys may sounds nice, but nothing compares to a British accent. They sound so posh and fancy that I just can't help swooning over them. Any boy with a British accent is automatically 10 times more attractive in my eyes. The biggest reason why I wish I was British is so I can have an amazing British accent. I would probably never shut up.

Do you wish you were British? Do you agree with my reasons why I wish I was British? What are some reasons you wish you were British?

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