7 Reasons Why Birds Make Great Pets ...

Even though theyโ€™re often far too underrated, there are so many great reasons why birds make great pets. I have a beautiful baby cockatiel called Colin, and he is honestly the best pet I could ask for! Maybe next time youโ€™re considering buying a new companion, think about getting a bird. They allow you to be flexible and still come home to love and affection - just one of the many reasons why birds make great pets.

1. Minimal Mess

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As long as you do a quick clean of your bird's cage weekly or fortnightly, thereโ€™s really not much else to clean up. Birds keep themselves tidy, so you donโ€™t have to worry about giving them baths to keep them clean (though some birds love baths!). If you have your bird out of its cage regularly then youโ€™ll just have to keep an eye out for if your feathery friend does any droppings, but other than this, mess wonโ€™t be an issue. This is one of the best reasons why birds make great pets!

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