7 Reasons Why Being Kind is Good for Your Health ...


I must tell you that being kind is not only an ethical behavior, but also the best way to stay healthy and happy since there are a lot of reasons why being kind is good for your health. In UK there is also a Kindness Day which is celebrated on the 13th of November; a special occasion dedicated to encouraging people to be nicer to each other. This very simple behavior has numerous health benefits ranging from a good emotional health right down to more physical aspects, like your cardiovascular and nervous systems. In 1979, psychologists first came up with the term “helpers’ high” after a famous survey discovered that charity volunteers felt happier and more relaxed. So, here are a few very good reasons why being kind is good for your health, reasons you should consider if your goal is to live a happy and fulfilled life:

1. Good Emotional Health

In my opinion, one of the most convincing reasons why being kind is good for your health is the fact that by engaging yourself in kind acts you will manage to have a good emotional health. A lot of research shows that kindness makes us feel happier because your brain produces dopamine, a chemical which is associated with positive thinking. Also, every time you do a good deed, you will feel good on a chemical level, since your body will produce endorphins, those happiness-inducing endogenous opioids.

Good Cardiovascular Health