9 Reasons to Wish the Animal Crossing World Was Real ...


9 Reasons to Wish the Animal Crossing World Was Real ...
9 Reasons to Wish the Animal Crossing World Was Real ...

Anyone who’s played the game has wished they lived in the Animal Crossing world. The game is addictive and simulates reality, to an extent. There are realistic aspects like mortgages and store hours, but more fantastical things like animal neighbors and reasonable prices. The Animal Crossing world beats our own for more reasons than one.

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Clothes Creation

Unless you own a sewing machine and have impressive talent, you probably don’t make your own clothes. In the Animal Crossing world, you’re able to take a quick trip to the Able Sisters and create your own wardrobe. You can make hats and dresses that come out looking spectacular. Even if it doesn’t come out perfectly, your neighbors will love it and might even wear it around town. You’re a glorified fashion designer.


Discover Dinosaurs

How awesome would it be if you could dig through your yard and find rare dinosaur bones? It gets better: you get a large amount of Bells if you sell your findings. If you prefer to preserve, then you can display everything in the museum. The desire to fill your museum until it’s complete will keep you busy. And you can visit anytime you want!


Walk This Way

Everything is just a small walk away! If you live in a small town or a city, you might be used to having the grocery store close to the hair salon and coffee shop. Others aren’t used to the practicality. It would be nice to be able to walk out of your house and straight toward a shopping center. And no cars mean less pollution.


Easy Money

In the real world, it can be hard to earn enough money to support yourself. In Animal Crossing, it’s as simple as doing a bit of gardening. If you plant enough fruit trees, the profit from it is enough to pay your mortgage over a few weeks. If you hit your shovel against a certain rock or shake down trees, free Bells pop out. You might get stung in the eye by a bee, but the injury will go away quickly with some medicine.


Nice Neighbors

You might love your neighbors, but many have issues with the people that live closest to them. In Animal Crossing, the neighbors are not only nice, but adorable! They can get angry and be rude at times, but they’ll give you presents if you do a simple favor for them. They’ll give you gifts on your birthday and give you helpful hints on how to make money. Who wouldn’t want neighbors like that?


Old Fashioned Letters

Not many people send old fashioned letters anymore. There aren’t any phones or computers to communicate with on Animal Crossing, so letters are still popular. If you want to contact someone in town or a real life friend who also has the game, you’ll have to buy paper and scribble out a letter. You can even put presents inside. When you see your mailbox flashing, you’re sure to be excited!


Huge House

It’s perfectly possible to end up with a huge house in this game. As long as you earn enough Bells and pay off your mortgage, Tom Nook will keep upgrading your house. The size will increase and rooms will be added. You’ll have more space than you know what to do with. So pay up!


Have Hobbies

It’s easy to have a hobby in this game. There are plenty of bugs and fish to catch. You’ll become obsessed with trying to capture each kind and can keep the favorites in your house. The rest can be added to the museum or sold if they’re already on display. Make sure you always have your net and fishing rod with you.


You’re in Charge

Everyone would like to have power. If one of your neighbors talks to you about moving, you can either tell them to leave or that you want them to stay. Chances are they’ll listen to you. In the newest Animal Crossing, you can even decide where your house is located and where bridges should be placed. You’re the town mayor, so you’re in charge.

If you’ve never played Animal Crossing, you should try! Do any of you own the game? What’s your favorite part of it?

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Oooo it takes me back to my ching hood u know doll house e. t.c.

Child hood*


I absolutely adore this game! It's so relaxing to play.


*cries because i have a 3ds but not Animal Crossing New Lead*

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