Reasons to Live off the Grid ...


Have you dreamed of escaping the rat race and becoming self-sufficient or just wishing you didnโ€™t have to rely on society? We do tend to look at people who have done this as bohemians, new age eco-warriors and, dare I say, even weirdos. But essentially, it is just a lifestyle choice. Going off the grid means paring your life down to the essentials, living a life that is something more basic โ€“ and ultimately more fulfilling โ€“ than the norm society has fostered. People who do this claim numerous benefits to living off the grid and you donโ€™t have to retreat to a shack in the back woods or a clod-roofed cottage sunken into the earth to achieve them.

1. More Quality Time to Yourself

The human lifespan may be greater than that of a mouse, but there's still never enough time to cram in all the fun, the loving, the excitement and adventure we crave. If you asked around your hometown, most people would tell you the one thing they'd like to have more of is TIME โ€“ which you can have, if you waste less of it. Stop wasting time in traffic jams. Don't waste any more time with social media twittering. LIVE instead of texting about it! Simplifying your life means cutting out time wastage and enjoying quality time that will allow you to daydream, re-invent or re-discover the person you'd like to be and do the things you actually enjoy doing. You'll have more energy, feel less tired and be more open to new experiences. If those aren't reasons to live off the grid, what are?

Appreciating Nature
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