8 Reasons to Have Less ...

Having less might seem a very daunting possibility, when we look around our overcrowded homes. With crammed bookshelves and cupboards full to bursting, often we donΒ΄t even know what we actually own. Yet there are some excellent reasons to reduce our possessions so that we have less. Here are the benefits of having less in your home.

1. Mobility

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Are you likely to have to move in the near future, or do you move between cities while at college? Having less means that itΒ΄s a lot easier to transport your possessions from one place to another. Why waste time and money moving things you donΒ΄t really want? Get rid of unwanted possessions and youΒ΄ll find it less effort to change your residence.

2. Purpose

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LetΒ΄s face it, most of our possessions are of no use whatsoever. We donΒ΄t use them, and keep a lot of things Β΄just in caseΒ΄. ItΒ΄s more useful to keep things around us that we actually like and use. If it doesnΒ΄t have a purpose in your life, it has no point occupying space in your house.

3. Minimalism

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Minimalism might conjure up images of stark white rooms that are neither comfortable nor practical. However, it doesnΒ΄t have to mean bland or boring. Choosing to have less means that your home will be free of the clutter that many people are surrounded, or even overwhelmed by.

4. Finance

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It makes very sound financial sense to buy less. If you avoid spending money on things you donΒ΄t really want (if you think about it), you have more money saved up for something much more meaningful to you. Or you can keep the money for your future.

5. Quality Not Quantity

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Stylists often advise women to buy a few, good quality garments rather than many cheaper items. This could also be seen as an advantage with general possessions. Give space in your home and life only to things that you really like and get use from, rather than being surrounded by useless items.

6. Contentment

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I think we can safely say that people who have everything they want are no happier than the rest of us. Contentment does not come from acquiring possessions! So there really is no useful purpose in filling your house with objects; in fact, having less can be much more positive as you donΒ΄t waste money or energy.

7. Easier to Locate

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How many times have you pulled everything out of your closets searching for the one item you really, really need right now? If you have less, itΒ΄s a good deal easier to find what youΒ΄re looking for. Plus you donΒ΄t waste hours trying to find something.

8. Environmental

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Having less is also beneficial to the environment, especially if you buy fewer new items, which means fewer resources being used to manufacture them. Another benefit is that there is less to be discarded – cutting down on the amount of garbage we produce is definitely a positive move.

Having less may seem quite daunting when we are used to accumulating lots of possessions. However, there are so many good reasons to surround yourself only with things that matter to you – itΒ΄s actually quite liberating to have less. What about you – are you a minimalist or a maximalist when it comes to possessions?

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