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7 Reasons to Get Retro and Buy an Instant Film Camera ...

By Rosalina

Technology is amazing and it has never been easier to take great photos and share them with our nearest and dearest. But if you're of a certain age, you might remember a time when we could take photos and they would magically pop out of the side of the camera. Instant cameras are back. Like everything in life, things seem to go full circle and we yearn for a time of simplicity when we could take a photo and minutes later, pop it in our wallet. Here are some of the wonderful reasons to get retro and buy an instant film camera.

1 Instant Gratification

Photo sharing has never been easier nowadays. We take photos and can upload them on any number of social networking platforms in a matter of seconds. But instant film cameras give us something tangible in an instant. Yes, it's great to share photos with friends on various sites but it's even better to be able to take a photo and have the hard copy in your hand in an instant, don't you think?

2 Super Fun

Instant cameras are so much fun. Take them to parties and watch the younger folk marvel at the voodoo magic of this plastic device which emits photos instantly. Watch them as they stare in awe at the paper as the photo develops and goes from black to image in seconds. It's guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser and also means you don't have to rely on others to upload their photons online before you can get a taste of the action.


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3 Retro Feel

I love the bulky retro feel of an instant camera. They're not sexy and slimline but that doesn't matter. They got junk in the trunk and they don't care! Skinny cameras are so last year. Get a chunky camera in your life and love the curves and all the edges.

4 Pocket Size

I know the camera itself is far from pocket size but the images can be. I love the fact that the resulting photos can go straight in your wallet or that you can give them straight to someone as a gift. Write a special message on the bottom and you have memories of a great day or night that will last forever.

5 No Trail

We live in an age of data sharing gone crazy which means there is always the chance of personal information being 'leaked.' The great thing about instant cameras is that they have no memory. Of course, this can be a bad thing if you lose that special photo but maybe try not losing that special photo! There is something special about having a one-of-a-kind original that no one else has. It goes back to the days when things were a little more simple.

6 Creative Crafts

Instant photos are great for scrap-booking and other crafts. You can use them to make interesting labels for the home, retro wall displays, cute cards for special occasions and much much more. All you need is a little imagination.

7 Nostalgia

There is something about an instant camera and those of you who are old enough to remember the instant cameras of yore will love the nostalgic feel of these new instant cameras. Sure, they have a more modern feel but there's something about the bulk and the clunky clicky sound when you take the photo and the image slowly slides out from the side. There's also the smell of the film as the photo develops. This is something your smart phone just won't give you!

Does anyone else have an instant camera? What do you love about them?

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