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Regardless of if you are a dog person or cat person, there are tons of great reasons to adopt a rescue pet. Some people are so set on getting a pure breed pet from an expensive breeder that they don’t even look into how amazing a pet from a shelter can be. Here are some of the amazing reasons to adopt a rescue pet and let the love of an animal into your heart and into your home.

1. Save a Life

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If not the most important reason, saving a life of an animal is one of the many reasons to adopt a rescue pet. Not all, but some shelters run out of room and are forced to euthanize poor animals. You can help put an end to this by adopting rescue animals. Every opportunity you have to take in an animal from a shelter is an opportunity to save the life of a cute and loving pet.

2. Unconditional Love

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These animals are looking for a family. They want someone to take care of them and in return they can offer unconditional love. Think about the sound of paws running towards you as you walk in the front door or a furry body to snuggle with at night. Pets can love you in ways you could never have imagined. To a rescue pet, an owner is everything. How can you turn down that kind of love?

3. Second Chance

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If these animals stay in shelters, they will have the basics to survive, but not much more. Some of these pets come from rough backgrounds, and adoption from a loving family is the second chance they need at life. As hard as it is to face, some animals end up shelters because they were abused. Animals like these are not broken, but they are in need of a family to show them that they can be loved. Before we adopted her from a shelter, my dog was abused. She is the most wonderful dog in the world. Knowing that I gave her a second chance at a better life is such a rewarding feeling.

4. Cheaper

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Money is usually a big reason people are hesitant to adopt any pet at all. Fortunately, shelters are relatively cheap in comparison to breeders when it comes to adopting pets. They typically charge an adoption fee around $150 but that covers spaying or neutering, first set of vaccinations, basic health check-up, microchip, and tons of helpful advice on how to take care of your new pet. In comparison, a breeder can run you anywhere between $500 to a whopping $2,000. I am not saying you can put a price on the love of a pet, but if you could, wouldn’t you want to go with the cheaper one?

5. They Are Healthy

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A common misconception about rescue animals is that they are broken, unhealthy, or even dangerous. I am not sure where is idea came about, but I can assure you that it is false. Most of the time, animals end up in a shelter because of β€œpeople reasons,” such as the family had to move, they didn’t have time to take care of the pet, or they simply no longer wanted the pet. Most of these poor animals are left in shelters not for anything they did, but because of their previous owners. They should not be forced into a life without love because somebody decided they didn’t have the time. I assure you that if you take a trip to your local shelter, you will be surrounded by happy and healthy animals.

6. Adults Need Love to

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When most people thing about adopting a pet, they automatically go towards the puppies or kittens. Everybody wants a precious little baby. Unfortunately, adult animals need to be taken care of too. The upside to adopting an adult pet is that they are usually already trained and well behaved. A puppy requires more of a time commitment to training them. Having the love of an adult dog is one of the many reasons to adopt a rescue pet.

7. No Puppy Mills

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Many times when you adopt a dog from a breeder, they get their dogs from puppy mills. For those of you who don’t know, a puppy mill is basically a puppy factory. These horrible breeders will put animals into unbelievably poor living conditions where they are left neglected and alone to suffer. By getting a dog from a breeder, you may be funding and promoting puppy mills and leading more puppies into a life of suffering.

8. You Will Feel Amazing

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This is probably the most rewarding of the reasons to adopt a rescue pet. Knowing that you are giving an animal a loving home, a caring family, and a happy life, will give you an overwhelming feeling of joy. Seeing that furry face smiling up to you and knowing that you have unconditional love for that pet will leave you feeling amazing.

Pets, no matter where they come from, are a great addition to your family. But by adopting from a shelter, you are giving a pet a second chance at a life filled with love and happiness. Hopefully these reasons to adopt a rescue pet will make you consider adopting from a shelter next time you are looking to adopt a pet. What are some reasons you would adopt a rescue pet? What do you find most rewarding about adopting a rescue pet? What are your experiences dealing with rescue pets?

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